Oh, Sailor †
Wasted Youth Est.1994. Love Skateboarding, Tattos, Girls, Music and many others. Stay Young Forever. From the cold and unwelcome russian landscapes.
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This bullshit is plain

I do dimly percieve that my life is something more than the role I play, everyday. I know - everything happens for a reason and have a meaning, and I will find and overcome my flaws, whether it be in the past, the present, or the future. And aspiration for introspection is the one of the main thing of every human`s life, that now is overshadowed by the cowards, who only want to difigure the truth for their selfish intentions. And I deny this cult, I detest the hypocrisy. No matter how long I`ve waited for the chance at fame, fortune and happiness - now I see clearly, it`s nothing more than a fictional needs, that don`t justify the methods and deeds, we`re using to reach this. I will remain the constant in the world, where everything and everyone is variably. While I may die battered and broken, at least my life has a meaning and goals I want to obtain. And I know, when day of my death will come - there will be others who feel the same way and will take my place, bear the flag of resistance, opposition to a darkness of living. I will laugh in the face of those, who will tell me different, and will try to jar upon my faith. 

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